Professional Education at the Movies

What is uDOCS?

uDocs is an edutainment online platform that provides accredited continuing professional education (CPE/CPD) courses featuring engaging documentaries as case studies followed by comprehensive post-screening panel discussions with leading experts, scholars and practitioners. All uDOCS programs are developed in collaboration with universities in Canada and the United States.

What type programs are available?

All uDOCS programs are accredited CPE/CPD programs that offer professional education on topics such as professional responsibility, ethics, practice management or equality, diversity, and inclusion. All programs are approved as valid continuing professional education activities by various professional organizations in Canada and in some jurisdictions in the United States. Accreditation information is unique to each program.

What is continuing professional education (CPE)?

Continuing professional education (CPE), or continuing professional development (CPD), is the delivery of training to various categories of professionals such as lawyers, accountants, investment or business professionals. Most professionals are required by law to maintain and expand their skills and knowledge through the participation of a number of CPE/CPD activities each year.

How are uDOCS programs developed?

uDOCS stands for University Documentaries. All programs are developed and produced in collaboration with students and scholars from leading universities in Canada and the United States. uDOCS works in partnership with documentary markets such as Hot Docs, the largest documentary film festival in North America, to identify engaging documentaries as case studies for the delivery of CPE/CPD programs to professionals.

uDOCS is an initiative of the VoirDire Fund for Innovation in Law and Media (FILM), a social enterprise based in Ontario, Canada with a mission of promoting the development and production of edutainment media content to advance the rule of law, professional ethics, social justice, and corporate social responsibility. All uDOCS programs are developed in partnership with key academic, professional and creative stakeholders who are committed to using documentaries as a vibrant medium and educational tool for capturing and enriching the critical discourse of our times.

VoirDire has established a partnership with Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival (Hot Docs), North America’s most respected documentary film festival. In 2018, they jointly launched the Hot Docs for Continuing Professional Education program for the delivery of professional education in movie theatres across North America. This initiative premiered with the screening of the original film Collared before a sold-out audience of 600 professionals. All uDOCS CPD/CPE programs are developed in collaboration with Hot Docs key creative partner.